Perfect Match

October 14, 2014

Have you ever met a couple and said, "They look good together"? That's what many people say about Ashley and Frankie. I met Ashley and Frankie through some mutual friends a few years ago, so when I heard they needed some photos I was super excited. 

We started the shoot at Cafe Europa where they first met.  After a glass of wine and a few jokes, the couple got comfortable with a piece of glass and flash in their face. 

After we left Cafe Europa, we went to Center City Park which is located Downtown Greensboro. The real fun started to happen. I felt like the sun made their undertones radiate. 

We ended the shoot at Frankie's workplace downtown which had an amazing view. I felt like the view over the city gave the shoot a great touch. One of my favorite photos is the photo above, because it shows them as the true power couple they are. 

Ashley and Frankie, thanks so much for allowing me to capture a few moments of your Love Jones. I wish you two a couple of forevers. 

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