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About Me

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Welcome to the website of Awise Photography. I'm Amanda Wise, a resident of Greensboro, NC by way of South Carolina. Now to answer your burning question of how and why I became a photographer...

I took a photography course in college  and got a C; I guess that's what happens when you turn in assignments late. After that course I wanted nothing to do with the technicalities of photography. Years later I saw how this photographer, Eunique Jones, was really capturing some awesome moments with her glass and her work made me fall in love with photography.

Santa Claus gave me a Canon DSLR one year for Christmas. After that, I started practicing, buying/renting equipment, and using my Photoshop skills I learned in college. So I guess you can say that photography and I had a rocky start to our relationship, but we are growing closer day by day. 

Taking photos is an art but choosing the best photos and making the not-so-good photos better is magic. I like making magic.

No one is perfect, but I want to make you picture perfect.

Many blessings to you,


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